Sunday, May 13, 2012

Yes Men punk Ron Kirk in Big D (and I helped)

Yes Lab shocks unwitting audiences with laughs while exposing the brutality of corporate globalization.
The prankster-activists recently asked me to volunteer my video skills to jazz up a Trans-Pacific Partnership gala at Addison's Hotel InterContinental  — where we pranked U.S. Trade Rep and former Dallas mayor Ron Kirk on May 11.

The Trans-Pacific what?
I'd never heard of it either.

TPP's like NAFTA but in the Pacific Rim. It's a government and big-biz pact negotiated by U.S., Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Peru and Australia to:
• shift careers for sweatshop labor.
• prevent Wall Street regulation.
• circumvent Clean Air Acts.  
• jack up prices on life-saving medicines.

Yes Lab just wanted to shine a light on these blood-sucking vampires.
As part of the setup, Yes Men registered me for TPP conference as a "stakeholder" for an association called the Trans Energy Partnership.
This "gala" was a bore fest. Addison mayor Todd Meier spoke first. However, Meier mentioned nothing about global trade. Instead, he chattered about Addison's numerous restaurants, hotels and its airport.
Kirk spoke too. Same mumbo jumbo — Dallas is good for shopping, don't expect to see cowboy hats, and Manhattan fits inside our airport. Nothing about trade.
Then our dude, "Git Haversall," (David Goodwin), who claimed to be the president of the "Texas Corporate Power Partnership," announced that he was giving Kirk and other U.S. trade negotiators the "2012 Corporate Power Tool Award."
The prank never really super-climaxed, but it was interesting to watch such an elaborate hoax be put into action.
I noticed at least two of my clips were used to complete the video, above.
I'll keep an ear out to see if the Trans-Pacific Pact makes any more news before it gets quickly ushered into action. Hopefully something more substantial will happen before we all end up wondering, Why didn't we do more to stop it?


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